What are your culture shock experiences

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What are your culture shock experiences

The Negotiation Phase

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What are your culture shock experiences

My name is Caitlin. I also run the Instagram account, Essential Japan, where I post my photos of various scenes from around Japan. Asia has always been a passion of mine, with Japan holding a particular soft spot in my heart.

Its vibrant and rich culture — both ancient and modern — is a fascinating thing to explore. To be able to immerse myself in somewhere so multi-faceted, somewhere with such an array of diverse and contrasting features from the modern skyscrapers of Tokyo to the ancient streets of Kyoto, for example is such an enriching experience.

I think that is probably what attracts me the most to Japan: I have a huge interest in food and music, with Japan certainly not disappointing in either of those areas.

What are your culture shock experiences

When it comes to food, Japan has some amazing dishes to try. One of my favourite Japanese dishes is Okonomiyaki, a type of savoury pancake. If I had to narrow it down to my top three favourite Japanese bands, they would be: With a never-ending array of amazing things to see, do, and explore, I think it is safe to say that my love and admiration for Japan will be a flame that will always burn bright.

Having studied Asian history and culture for many years, I was already aware of most of the things I would encounter upon my first trip to Japan. As such, nothing was really a culture shock. One cultural thing I will make note of is in regards to riding on public transport.

While trains or buses around the world will normally be full of people talking loudly or rudely listening to their music without headphones on, you will notice that in Japan it is the complete opposite! Japanese people are so respectful of not wanting to disturb anyone else that trains run almost in silence, despite being full to the brim with people.

It was something I had never encountered before. However, if you are new to a country such as this, embrace it! Take it as a chance to immerse yourself because travelling is an adventure. Wander off the beaten path because you never know what weird and amazing thing you may find — especially in Japan!

Having only begun my Japanese learning journey recently, one thing I have found incredibly helpful for me is immersing myself in the language through television as well as movies and music. Watching Japanese television shows with subtitles is fantastic.

It helps you to pick up the pacing and intonation of the language within a natural language speaking environment. Also, depending on what you watch, it is a useful tool in helping to familiarise yourself with cultural aspects.

One of my favourite Japanese shows to watch is Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende, a Japanese skit show hosted by comedians in which they go out and do crazy stunts or challenges.

Vote for me Conclusion You can use this roundup as a survival guide to Japanese customs and etiquette. I hope these tips will help you to overcome any possible culture shock you might encounter in Japan.

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By benjaminpohle.com community. Nearly everyone who travels to another culture experiences disorientation. You may find that usual strategies for understanding and navigating the world no longer work. Your bout with culture shock is an opportunity .

Have you experienced phases of the culture shock curves? What do you think about the theories—do they apply to your own experience? Leave a comment below and share your . Experiencing culture shock will shape your personality significantly by teaching you to trust your gut, survive during periods of loneliness and unfamiliarity, and develop a thicker skin.

People experience tremendous personal growth when they are facing vulnerability. Your experience of culture shock in Uzbekistan Uzbekistan forum. Find answers to your questions in the Uzbekistan forum.

Blogs, pictures, forum Uzbekistan on benjaminpohle.com Culture Shock: What’s your story? By. Alice Froude - March 13, I will kick it off by saying that the culture shock of coming from Kent in the UK (South East part of the country) to Peterborough has been pretty huge.

inspiring and worldly group of people. That said, my only experiences with Canadians was with ones that so. My initiation into the culture shock experience was my first trip out of Australia. Rather than ease my way into overseas travel like most normal people do, I jumped head first into Nepal and India starting with a 20 day trek in the Annapurna region of Nepal.

It sounded good at the time and it.

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