The various components that make up a computer

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The various components that make up a computer

The internal architectural design of computers differs from one system model to another. However, the basic organization remains the same for all computer systems. The following five units also called "The functional units" correspond to the five basic operations performed by all computer systems.

The various components that make up a computer

Input Unit Data and instructions must enter the computer system before any computation can be performed on the supplied data. The input unit that links the external environment with the computer system performs this task.

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Data and instructions enter input units in forms that depend upon the particular device used. For example, data is entered from a keyboard in a manner similar to typing, and this differs from the way in which data is entered through a mouse, which is another type of input device.

However, regardless of the form in which they receive their inputs, all input devices must provide a computer with data that are transformed into the binary codes that the primary memory of the computer is designed to accept.

This transformation is accomplished by units that called input interfaces. Input interfaces are designed to match the unique physical or electrical characteristics of input devices to the requirements of the computer system. In short, an input unit performs the following functions. It accepts or reads the list of instructions and data from the outside world.

It converts these instructions and data in computer acceptable format. It supplies the converted instructions and data to the computer system for further processing. Output Unit The job of an output unit is just the reverse of that of an input unit.

It supplied information and results of computation to the outside world. Thus it links the computer with the external environment.

As computers work with binary code, the results produced are also in the binary form. Hence, before supplying the results to the outside world, it must be converted to human acceptable readable form.

The various components that make up a computer

This task is accomplished by units called output interfaces. In short, the following functions are performed by an output unit. It accepts the results produced by the computer which are in coded form and hence cannot be easily understood by us. It converts these coded results to human acceptable readable form.

It supplied the converted results to the outside world. Storage Unit The data and instructions that are entered into the computer system through input units have to be stored inside the computer before the actual processing starts.Hardware, on the other hand, are the physical components of a computer.

The system unit is by far the most important and most delicate hardware part of a computer. It houses the processor, the storage components, and the computer’s memory. Complete list of components that make up a complete PC?

Remember that a normal computer lasts about 4 years divide that up and you'll be paying about $75 a month for a $ box. The following is a list of Microsoft Windows components Configuration and maintenance. Component Description Allows the user to display and control the hardware attached to the computer, and control what device drivers are used Windows to be viewed from a distance up to 3 meters (~10 feet) and controlled by specially designed remote.

Computer hardware refers to the physical components that make up a computer system.

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There are many different kinds of hardware that can be installed inside, and connected to the outside, of a computer.

Computer hardware may sometimes be seen abbreviated . Each computer in the network should then figure out whether the broadcast data is for them or not.

Switch - Switch is a telecommunication device grouped as one of computer network components. Switch is like a Hub but built in with advanced features. External computer components connect to a computer system from OUTSIDE.

They are not necessary for the system to function but make our experiences easier or better. They are not necessary for the system to function but make our experiences easier or better.

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