The relationship between adolescent delinquents an essay

Adolescent Behavior Essay Adolescence is a period of psychological and physical passing from childhood to adulthood. The adolescent experiences not only physical growth and change but also emotional, psychological, social, and mental change and growth. During this period, adolescents are expected to become capable of adult behavior and response.

The relationship between adolescent delinquents an essay

Treatment of Juvenile Delinquency Essay 1. Introduction to Juvenile Delinquency: Delinquency has always been considered as a social problem over and above the fact that it is a legal problem. It is also a psychological problem. Hence to avoid this social evil one has to tackle the complex problem of delinquency from the social psychological and to familial angles.

Although laws regarding Juvenile delinquencies have been formed long since, they are also being changed from time to time. Currently, in all the progressive and civilized countries of the world the laws with regard to the Juvenile delinquents have been changed. Special courts are established with specially trained Magistrates for the trial of the delinquents.

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Today delinquency is being considered as a misbehaviour, a social nuisense than a crime. It also provides for the establishment of reformatory schools for them.

Meaning of Juvenile Delinquency: Crime committed by children and adolescents under the age of 18 years, is called delinquency. The maximum age limit and also the meaning of delinquency varies from country to country.

But it is always below 18 years of age which is the statutory age for delinquency. Persons above this age are considered as criminals. Delinquency includes all sorts of crimes committed by children. Starting from the business and use of illegal drugs and homicide murder, it may include various types of dangerous criminal offences.

Delinquency undoubtedly is a social evil. It is a socially unacceptable behaviour committed by boys and girls below the age of 18 years. Instead of giving these delinquents punishment, they are kept in Juvenile jail and correction homes where various corrective measures are taken to change their behaviour in the positive direction.

It is observed that crime and delinquency are increasing day by day with the increase in population and complexity of culture. As population increases the small societies become bigger ones and are found in the form of mass society. In mass societies there is less scope for mutual interaction and face to face contact.

The family bonds and community bonds thus become weak to weaker. Now a days no one knows or cares to know who is staying next door.

Parents and children do not meet. To eat is a biogenic need, but what to eat and how to eat is influenced by social forces and social interaction. One feels hungry, it is a biogenic need but how to satisfy these hunger need and where to ask for food is determined by socialization process.

The relationship between adolescent delinquents an essay

He is taught only to ask for food at his own house. This is a case of biological motive being influenced by socialization process.

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Most of our needs and motives, attitudes and aspirations regarding food, dress, style of living are determined by our cultural values and norms of the society. The process of socialization puts a strong stamp mark on the behaviour of an individual in the society.

Incidence of Juvenile Delinquency: Though, mainly boys are involved in delinquency, now a days it is found that girls are also actively engaged in this antisocial work. During these 20 years delinquency has further increased. One may not believe, but it is true that almost half of the serious crimes in U.

Common delinquent acts in females are sexual offences, small thefts, drug usage, running away from home etc. Among the males delinquents are more engaged in stealing, drug usage, robbery, aggravated assaults, sexual abuses etc.

Particularly, now a days, the incidence of delinquency is increasing alarmingly in large metropolitan cities and this has become a matter of great concern for the public and country.

While evidences from some studies show that children from lower class families and those residing in slum areas are more engaged in delinquency, other studies do not support this view.

In an important study, Heary and Gold found significant relationship between social status and delinquent behaviour. In another significant study, it was noticed that the rate of delinquency in case of socially disadvantaged youths appears about equal for whites and non-whites.

Like any other country, as reports of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt, of India, shows, there is a steady rise in the percentage of delinquency in India.The Relationship between Delinquency and The Relationship Between Race and Juvenile Delinquency Essay to delinquency for the fact that an adolescents.

The prior research of others was used to identify a relationship between abuse and South Carolina juvenile delinquents. As mentioned before being abused does not ensure a life of delinquency.

However it was hypothesized that it increases the chances of a delinquent, anti-social lifestyle. Family Effects On Juvenile Delinquency. Print influences an adolescent's classes that explain the relationship between disrupted.

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The Relationship Between Race and Ideology Essay Words | 4 Pages. The Relationship Between Race and Ideology In this essay I will argue that the key to end racism is to understand race and ideology and how this two concepts relate to each other.

Appiah claims that race does not exist. Peers have an influence on the developing individual where the individual shares definitions favorable to them (Snyder, Dishion, Patterson, ). Findings in literature suggest that delinquent youths are involved in a relationship between peers delinquent behavior and a .

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