The library services resources and facilities

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The library services resources and facilities

For information about access for library users with disabilities, see the Library Services for Persons with Disabilities web page or brochure. Before individuals enter and as they leave library facilities, they may be asked to show the contents of their backpacks, book bags, or briefcases.

Individuals may be required to show a Rutgers identification card for admittance, and if they do not have Rutgers identification, will be required to produce other acceptable identification and sign in.

Some library locations limit access to Rutgers students, faculty and staff during late night and weekend hours; see the Library Hours web page for details.

A video record is made of everyone who enters a The library services resources and facilities facility. Access to Library Collections The Rutgers University Libraries collections are available to all individuals for use on site. Some materials may be stored and need to be paged. Some rare, fragile, or gift materials may have restricted use.

Electronic resources are available through networked or standalone computers and include indexes, electronic journals, and full-text or full-image materials acquired or developed as part of the Rutgers Digital Library. Members of the public who are 18 years of age or older are welcome to use these resources on site in any Rutgers library.

Electronic resources may be limited to members of the public by equipment, staffing, or funding limitations. Guests, alumni, and other members of the public who are 18 years of age or older may be required to present a government issued photo identification card, including address and birth date, and register in order to use public computers.

By contract, off-campus access to the Rutgers University Libraries licensed electronic resources is available only to current Rutgers faculty, students, staff, and faculty emeriti, wherever they are located. Access to Library Services The Libraries' reference and information services are available to all individuals on site, by telephone, by correspondence, and electronically.

Public photocopiers are located in each of the libraries and are available for use by all individuals on site.

The Libraries' electronic services are available to current faculty, students, staff, and faculty emeriti of the university wherever they are located.

These services include the Rutgers Delivery Service recalls and delivery of Rutgers materialsEZ-Borrow, Interlibrary Loan and Article Delivery Services, the "My Library Account" feature an online view of one's library record and the ability to renew books onlinereference assistance, electronic reserves, and similar offerings.

The Federal depository collections, and the services associated with those collections, are open to all regardless of age or affiliation. Members of the public who are unaffiliated with Rutgers, and who wish to use depository materials during hours when a Rutgers identification card is required, may gain access by contacting the depository coordinator a minimum of one business day in advance.

Please see the page for Federal Government Resources. Anyone may use Ask a Librarian, the electronic reference service, wherever they are located.

Anyone with Rutgers borrowing privileges may use "My Library Account" within the Library Catalog to view their library record and renew their books online, wherever they are located.

University affiliates may also qualify to use the Rutgers Delivery Service recalls and delivery of Rutgers materialsInterlibrary Loan and Article Delivery Services, and library instructional services.

Other individuals are referred to their public library or other library at which they have privileges. Borrowing Privileges Borrowers designated as primary are currently part of the university community by virtue of enrollment or employment, formal agreements with other institutions, and certain affiliated persons considered on a case-by-case basis.

The library services resources and facilities

Primary borrowers are eligible for book loan periods of a semester faculty, faculty emeriti, graduate students, and staff or 6 weeks undergraduatesitem borrowing limit, use of reserve collections, "My Library Account" features in the Library Catalog including renewal of library materials online, the Rutgers Delivery Service for recalls and delivery of Rutgers materials, media bookings faculty and graduate studentsInterlibrary Loan and Article Delivery Services, and EZ-Borrow.

Primary borrowers who are current Rutgers students, faculty, staff, and faculty emeriti are eligible for off-campus access to licensed databases, e-journals, and electronic reserves through the Libraries' proxy server.

Certain categories of individuals by virtue of their association with the University may be extended guest borrower status at the Libraries.

The library services resources and facilities

Guest borrowers are eligible for, 28 day loan period, 25 item borrowing limit, use of reserve collections, and "My Library Account" features in the Library Catalog including renewal of library materials online.

Guest borrowing privileges are granted for a minimum of twenty-eight days to a maximum of a one-year period.


Guest privileges may be renewed annually if the guest borrower re-qualifies and the borrower's record is clear. See Access Services Policy Memo 1: User Conduct and Security The Libraries strive on behalf of all users to provide a quiet, welcoming, and respectful atmosphere that is conducive to private study and research and that is comfortable, clean, and safe for both library users and personnel.

The Libraries are committed to protecting the rights of individual users and sustaining the integrity of the collections. Users who do not adhere to the following behavior guidelines may be asked to leave and may be subjected to loss of library privileges, appropriate administrative action within the university, and prosecution under state law.

Flagrant or repeat violators may be banned from all University locations. Instances of non-compliance will be documented and kept on file.

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Electronic resources and computing facilities For licensing reasons, non-UCL members cannot consult UCL Library Services' electronic resources offsite, but we do have a number of Explore Access Points in UCL libraries, through which visitors can view many resources.

While these information resources, facilities and services are important in the public library services, the extent to which they satisfy users' information needs is fundamentally more important. This is because the ultimate goal of public libraries is to bring about higher users' satisfaction.

Library Services Library is an essential component of the academic infrastructure of HKIT in supporting teaching and learning as well as researching in the areas of business and management,accounting and finance, marketing and advertising, hotel and tourism management, computer and information technology, nursing and health studies, crime .

The Library Services Manual has been prepared to provide librarians, and administrators with information about library procedures and programs in the Washoe County School District. It has been developed especially for those persons actively engaged in the operation of Library Media Centers in the District.

HomeĀ» Student ServicesĀ» Helpful Resources & Facilities Our Library's Mission. The mission of the library is to work in concert with the faculty to help educate students so that they may effectively locate, evaluate and use the information they need in their academic studies and as lifelong learners.

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