The great storm of 1987

Development[ edit ] Partially cleared storm damage, Chelmsford On the Sunday before the storm struck, the farmers' forecast had predicted bad weather on the following Thursday or Friday, 15—16 October. Instead of stormy weather over a considerable part of the UK, the models suggested that severe weather would reach no farther north than the English Channel and coastal parts of southern England. The pressure gradient was slack. A depression was drifting slowly northwards over the North Sea off eastern Scotland.

The great storm of 1987

Hurricane winds batter southern England Southern Britain has begun a massive clear-up operation after the worst night of storms in living memory. At least 13 people are known to have died and many dozens have been injured, mostly by falling trees and buildings.

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Weather forecasters have faced criticism for failing to predict the severity of the weather. The worst affected areas were along the south coast - in Kent five people died including two seamen in Dover Harbour, and in Dorset two firemen were killed as they answered an emergency call.

The stormy weather was first predicted at the beginning of the week when the Meteorological Office identified a depression strengthening over the Atlantic.

Last night BBC weatherman Michael Fish reassured viewers the system would track along the English Channel, but instead it cut a swathe right across the south of the country. Commuters were today advised to stay at home as hundreds of roads and railway lines remain blocked by fallen trees.

The great storm of 1987

Some houses and apartments had their roofs blown off. On the Isle of Wight the famous Shanklin Pier, nearly a century old, was reduced to driftwood and in Jaywick, Essex, a caravan park was flattened.

Along the south coast damage to yachts and boat yards was extensive.

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In Folkestone a Sea Link ferry was blown aground and its crew had to be rescued. Huge payouts The insurance industry is bracing itself for huge payouts. Most household policies cover storm damage, and thousands of homeowners have already started claims.

In the London of Borough of Ealing alone, calls came from people whose homes and cars had been struck by falling trees and debris.

The great storm of 1987

Len Turner of Ealing Council said central funding from the government might be needed to deal with the exceptional clean-up costs local councils are facing.Here is the list with your and my personal contributions.

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Oct 27,  · The Great Storm of was the worst storm in nearly years and claimed 22 lives in just a three-hour period on the night of October 15 and early hours of .

The Great Storm of was a violent extratropical cyclone that occurred on the night of 15–16 October, with hurricane-force winds causing casualties in England, France and the Channel Islands as a severe depression in the Bay of Biscay moved northeast.

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Among the most damaged areas were Greater London, the East Anglian coast, the Home Counties, the west of Brittany and the Cotentin. Roland Storm Winner - Wintersun Hall of Fame South Aust Country Music Hands of Fame Award The storm cost a total of 18 lives and an estimated £1 billion in repairs and clear-up costs.

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Hundreds of people were injured. Around 15 million trees were lost and hundreds of thousands of homes were without power for more than 24 hours. What happened in Major News Stories include The Simpsons first episode airs, Zeebrugge MS Herald of Free Enterprise Ferry Disaster, Work on the Channel Tunnel begins, Televangelist Jim Bakker Scandal, Klaus Barbie / Butcher of Lyon found guilty of crimes against humanity, Great Southern British Storm, First Criminal convicted using DNA Evidence, Michael Robert Ryan kills 16 People in.

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