Strategic audit of vodafone

In fact these two elements might be connected and probably are the dictating the shifting moment in New Zealand where new companies such as 2degrees and Skinny are becoming a concern for taking part of the market share. Therefore on this piece of work aimed to provide solutions to some of those gaps identified in the last report with the purpose of:

Strategic audit of vodafone

The company runs its operations from two geo-regions: The European market is the largest accounting for close to 80 percent of the revenues as of However, the increasing partnerships with other mobile networks globally have seen revenues from regions outsideEuropeaccount for close to 40 percent as of The success story of Vodafone Group PLC revolves around the strategic competencies and acquisitions of other networks to become a powerful and leading mobile services provider.

Strategic competencies and operations are well captured in the SWOT analysis, as well as the Porters five forces, which help give the position of the company and the challenges it encounters both within and without the organization.

It ranks second behind China mobile in terms of worldwide subscribers, but leads the track in terms of revenues. The company has equity interests in over thirty countries globally with approximately forty partner networks.

Vodafone has achieved this place through a process of competent acquisitions of communication networks in different countries, powerful organizational ability Strategic audit of vodafone efficient techniques that have permitted it to build out Wi-Fi systems, which are extremely competitive.

The company also provides effective data services, which subscribers can access using the extremely progressed third-generation 3G communications systems available to its markets globally. This analysis will look into factors that have propelled Vodafone to its position, how it markets and promotes itself in the competitive telecommunications market, and the competition it experiences in the telecommunications industry MarketLine,p.

Body Financial analysis A report by Mintel released in indicates that Vodafone is the fastest growing mobile company globally with over sixteen million new subscribers each month Mobile Network Providers, Mintel, This explains its huge turnovers and revenues attributed to the ever-growing number of subscribers as well as wireless and wire line networks across the world.

A general observation and analysis of the financial report released in the first quarter of indicates that the results are negative, probably due to the Euro zone crisis, but the bottom line is that the revenues, especially from EMAPA have kept increasing as summarized in the tables below.

These strengths include Diversified and expanded geo-regions across the world divided into two: The diversification has strengthened its mobile network operations in these regions and accorded it more subscribers A strapping international presence and powerful brand image have made it the leading telecommunications company.

According to a Mintel report released inVodafone is the most trusted service brand owing to its excellent signal strength and efficient services MarketLine,p. The incapacity to offer bundled services due to specializations has compelled the company to compromise its prices The growing demand for 3G networking among businesses globally has seen Vodafone collaborate with leading laptop manufacturers to embed its SIM chip to allow for up selling of the broadband service Vodafone has also diversified its market share and EMAPA remains the leading target because of its potential.

The strong buyer power effectively reduces the cost prices in the industry though not to the level of its competitors.

As such, Vodafone will keep making reasonable profits compared to its competitors. As a leader in the market, the market share is large meaning that it can easily absorb any price increments from the suppliers more than its competitors can.

As such, Vodafone can easily maintain low prices from its suppliers and continue making profits MarketLine,p. Threat of substitutes Vodafone faces a considerable threat for products and services.

The landline and CDMA services are fast declining while broadband services are fast becoming common. However, due to the strong buyer power and effective economies of scale, Vodafone does not need to pass down the costs attributed to substitution to consumers MarketLine,p.

Threat of entrants The threat of fresh market entrants is low because of barriers to entry. Companies wishing to enter the market must pay huge licensing fees coupled by spectrum availability and regulatory issues attached to the industry.

Similarly, the costs of setting up network infrastructure are high, and the rapidly changing technology make is difficult for new entrants to cope. However, Vodafone can cope with this by maintaining high-level efficiency of its services to unrivaled heights.

Industry rivalry Vodafone faces extremely high rivalry from its competitors due to the low call rate prices charged by its closest competitors.

Similarly, the competitors constantly provide innovative products and services to the customers, which mean that Vodafone has to provide the same to its customers. Conclusion and Recommendations Vodafone has consistently outperformed its competitors despite the cutthroat competition in the industry.

This notable performance and ability to diversify its products together with numerous acquisitions have seen it become a leading company in the industry.

Strategic audit of vodafone

It financial position also continues to grow due to the innovativeness and ability to explore new markets in different geographical regions. Similarly, Vodafone has capitalized on its opportunities and worked on ways to eliminate the threats and improve on its weaknesses through various competitive strategies MarketLine,p.

In recommending to Vodafone, the company must increase its GPRS subscriber base due to the high demand, deliberate more on value added services, introduce location-based services, diversify its broadband network by introducing voice over internet and finally tapping rural markets.Strategic Audit of Vodafone.

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