Story adaptation essay

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Story adaptation essay

Ten to twelve films These ten to twelve movies represent what has been aptly described as 'the Tradition of Quality': At the beginning of the talkies era, the French cinema was an honest carbon copy of the American cinema. Le Quai des brumes Port of Shadows remains the masterpiece of the so-called 'poetic realism' school.

And is it not true that the French cinema's undeniable progress has been due mainly to a renewal of scriptwriters and themes, to the liberties taken with accepted masterpieces, and, lastly, to confidence that audiences will be receptive to themes generally regarded as difficult?

That is why I will restrict my remarks solely to scriptwriters, those very people who were behind the emergence of poetic realism in the Tradition of Quality movement, namely Jean Aurenche and Pierre Bost, Jacques Sigurd, Henri Jeanson in his second mannerRobert Scipion, Roland Laudenbach and others.

Story adaptation essay

No one is any longer unaware of the fact that After first trying his hand at direction with two now forgotten short films, Jean Aurenche started specialising in adaptations for the screen. At about the same time, some excellent little novels by Pierre Bost were being published by the Nouvelle revue francaise NRF.

Aurenche and Bost teamed up for the first time when they adapted and wrote the dialogue of Douce Love Storydirected by Autant-Lara. Everyone now realises that Aurenche and Bost rehabilitated the art of adaptation by challenging the notion of what was generally meant by it; in other words they are said to have replaced the old prejudice that required one to be faithful to the letter by the opposite requirement to be faithful to the spirit — to the point where the following audacious aphorism was coined: The touchstone of adaptation as practised by Aurenche and Bost is the so-called process of equivalence.

This process takes for granted that in the novel being adapted there are filmable and unfilmable scenes, and that instead of scrapping the latter as used to be done you had to think up equivalent scenes; in other words ones that the author of the novel might have written for the screen.

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Aurenche and Bost's system is so appealing in the very formulation of its principle that no one has ever thought of examining in detail how it works. This is more or less what I intend to do here. Aurenche and Bost's entire reputation is based on two specific points: Faithfulness to the spirit of the works they adapt; 2.

The talent they put into the task. Francois Boyer's "Les Jeux inconnus" Jeux interditsSinceAurenche and Bost have together been responsible for the screen adaptation and dialogue of the following novels: The great diversity of inspiration displayed by the works and writers they have adapted will be obvious to all.

Anyone capable of bringing off the tour de force required to remain faithful to the spirit of Davet, Gide, Radiguet, Queffelec, Boyer, Colette and Bernanos would, I imagine, need to possess a most unusual mental agility and a multiple personality, as well as a singular spirit of eclecticism.

It also has to be remembered that Aurenche and Bost have worked with a wide range of directors. Delannoy, for example, likes to see himself as a mystical moralist. But the petty vileness of Le Garcon sauvage Savage Trianglethe mean-mindedness of La Minute de verite The Moment of Truth and the insignificance of La Route Napoleon Napoleon Road demonstrate rather convincingly that he pursued that vocation only intermittently.

Autant-Lara, on the other hand, is well known for his non-conformism, his 'advanced ideas and his fierce anti-clericalism; we should recognise that he always has the merit of being true to himself in his movies.

Since Bost was the technician of the duo, it would seem that the spiritual aspect of their joint enterprise was Aurenche's responsibility. Aurenche both felt nostalgic about, and rebelled against, his education at a Jesuit school.

While he flirted with Surrealism, he seems to have been drawn to anarchist groups in the s. But an examination of his work will probably tell us more about this aspect.

We find faith reduced to religious psychology in Gide, and religious psychology reduced to mere psychology in the film This decline in quality is now, according to a rule familiar to aestheticians, matched by a quantitative increase. New characters are added, such as Piette and Casteran, who are supposed to represent certain feelings.Best write my essay service that guarantees timely delivery.

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Story adaptation essay

At each stage, the heart rate, blood pressure, and adrenalin. Around BCE, the tokens began to be symbols that could be impressed or inscribed in clay to represent a record of land, grain or cattle and a written language was beginning to develop.

This, however, is by no means the whole story. It is not merely the “guilt of a mother” that cannot be handled as Shakespeare handled the suspicion of Othello, the infatuation of .

The article that established Truffaut as the leading critic of his generation. A year in the writing, the essay in Cahiers du Cinéma was a manifesto for change that inspired the French New Wave revolution. - Adaptation of Heart of Darkness to the Movie, Apocalypse Now I chose to do this essay on the idea of story adaptation, and why changes are made to a story.

I originally wanted to look at it just in terms of Apocalypse Now, and how the story of Heart of Darkness was updated to fit a different environment and time period, while still being true.

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