Short essay on old is gold

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Short essay on old is gold

The story is about a very old man who is spending his last couple of hours of his life.

Short essay on old is gold

He is all alone in his mediocre house since his wife passed away. He writes his will to a charity trust and places it on the table next to his bed.

He takes the trouble of getting up and walking with his stick, shivering and weak. He stands in his living room as those nostalgic moments start to haunt him; the photographs hung up on the wall. An empty chocolate box is kept on the table below the photos.

Something strikes him, as if he remembered something, which earlier slipped off his mind.

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He keeps the box back and starts walking into the darkness of the hallway. With great difficulty, he climbs the flight of stairs which lead to the attic. He sits down to rest for a while, and then continues to climb up. When he switches the light on, a dim light is draped on old, rusted articles arranged in a particular fashion.

He looks around as he slowly walks into the place. The bulb starts to flicker and blacks out all of a sudden; but lights back up in a second, this time, a little brighter. On one of the shelves to the wall, a small garden pot sits, with a few withered and spoilt flowers. He then gains sight to an old box kept among many other big cardboard boxes.

He opens it and starts to take things out of it one by one. He first takes out a stuffed pony toy in pink; and chuckles. He goes through her belongings where he finds barbies, dress up toys, lip stick, etc.

He then comes across a photograph of his wife when she was in her teens. For some time now, the bulb above has been flickering incessantly and blacks out for good.

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Suddenly, he hears the attic door being opened. He looks back at the doorway, a bright aura seeps into the room and falls on him. He slowly faces the doorway with utmost bliss and joy, as if he was expecting what is happening. He keeps the photograph aside and sits on his knees, tears rolling down his face, tears of joy.

A womanly figure seems to walk in through the aura of light, wanting to reach out to him and hold his hand. Her hand nears his, and with the least contact, the aura disappears.

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