Rise of the aztec empire essay

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Rise of the aztec empire essay

The Rise of the Aztec Empire Posted on by Ojibwa — promoted by navajo The rise of the Aztec empire really began in with the fall of the Toltec empire.

The Toltecs had established their state in Tula, which was to the north of what would become Tenochtitlan. Their empire spread through most of central Mexico. The fall of the Toltec empire was followed by a period in which rival states battled for power. These states included the Zapotecs, centered at Mitla, the Mixtecs, in the northern Oaxaca area, and the Tarascan kingdom, plus the Chichimeca.

Bythe Valley of Mexico contained a number of moderately sized city states. The Aztec, who arrived in the Valley aboutadopted some of the key organizational and ideological principles which they learned from the refugee Toltecs.

These included the ruling elite or pipilitin and the requirement that only a descendant from a royal Toltec dynasty could become the emperor.


Inthe Aztec were still a small tribe. The Aztecs were vagrants continually trying to find a territory to occupy. All of the good land in the Valley of Mexico was already occupied by city-states.

Thus the Aztec offered their services as mercenaries for these local rulers. They often offended these rulers with their barbarous behavior and their capture of local women for wives. Inthey were working for the Coluacan also spelled Culhuacan people.

Coluacan, located in the southern portion of the Valley of Mexico, was the city-state to which the Toltec nobility had fled following the collapse of their empire. The Aztec obtained a princess from their employers by asking the Colhuacan for a noble bride, and the Colhuacan complied as they feared the fierce Aztec mercenaries.

The Aztec then killed the princess and the priests donned her skin. When the Colhuacan saw the priest wearing her skin, they were so angered that they attacked the Aztec, killed many of them, and drove them out. From here, the Aztec retreated to a marshy unoccupied Island.

It was here that they established Tenochtitlan. Inthe Aztec used their military might to support the nearby kingdom of Tepanec that was expanding on the mainland, then ruled by Tezozomoc.

As the Tepanec expanded their rule over more and more city-states in the Valley of Mexico, the Aztec benefited from their alliance with the Tepanec. From this alliance, the Aztec learned about the techniques which the Tepanec used to build and rule their empire.

Rise of the aztec empire essay

Inthe old ruler Tezozomoc died and was replaced by his son Maxlatzin. Within a year, the Aztecs had crushed the Tepanec and destroyed their imperial city.


So now the Aztec had become the greatest state in Mexico. With the help of Tlacaelel, Itzcoatl reduced the power of the other nobles, and turned himself into an absolute ruler.Aug 01,  · Wild swings in weather may be what led to the fall of the once mighty Aztec Empireand not, as is commonly held, the invasion of European colonialists.

The Rise and Fall of the Aztec Civilization Essay Words | 3 Pages. The Rise and Fall of the Aztec Civilization The Rise and fall of the Aztec Empire is possibly the most important area of study in the modern world.

Due to this, the Spanish arriving were merely a catalyst for the eventual attack of the Aztec empire.

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This essay shall Cited: Ancient Aztec Religion. (n.d.). Aztec History. the Mexica would rise to become the core of the Aztec Empire (The Aztecs 23). The Mexica, which were also known as the Chichimecs which is believed to mean.

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The Aztecs migrated from the north into the valley of Mexico, around the twelfth century as told by Gruzinski, in The Aztecs Rise and Fall of an Empire. Religion was very important in Aztec life. /5(3). 1 The main purpose of a time line is to show the (1) causes and effects of wars (2) location of important places (3) benefits of modern civilizations.

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