Reasons for the change in divorce

Your partner did seem stern, aloof and resentful that last time you spoke to each other. Like always you expect them to come around, let go of the steam and become their normal self with time. Instead, one day, you come home to find their clothes missing from their cupboards and a piece of paper on the dinner table- a divorce notice. Do you think this scenario could transpire into your life?

Reasons for the change in divorce

It is proven 50 out of people will retrieve this or go through this procedure ,divorce. This the legal ending to a marriage and has become more popular than marriage it self since Firstly the most obvious reason for the upward trend in divorce is the changes in law.

Law has become more lenient on this subject because in the 19th century women had to have extreme reasons to obtain a divorce and were under several observations before they were even allowed to petition and prior to could only be taken by the act of parliament.

Another legislation that increased the divorce rate is the equalizing grounds act which was implemented in Also In the matrimonial and family proceedings act allowed couples to get a divorced minimum one year into there marriage rather than three therefore giving couples more leeway and allowing them to give up quicker.

Cost of divorce is another factor that the government controlled to earn revenue and stop people from getting divorces however in government lowered cost of divorce and introduced the legal aid and advice act which then gave people who could not afford divorce accessible to divorce.

Equalizing grounds and widening grounds as well as reducing cost were all government doings and all these legislations and changes have influenced the increasing divorce rates since N society today it has become a norm for a couple to get divorcedinstead of finding solutions they resort to divorce not because they have the right to but because now it is socially accepted to get divorce.

In the 19th century and before this it as actually a shame to become divorced and in certain cultures across the Reasons for the change in divorce it is still shame however in the western society it has become not only a trend but Just Reasons for the change in divorce since By Malachite reduces as acceptance increases.

Hereford as you can see the increase of divorce since is due to the change of stigma and attitudes. Stigma however is influenced by secularists which is another reason for the increasing divorce rates.

Most people live lives based on how they are taught in their religion abstinently before making the decision of having a divorce religion will be taken into consideration however however sociologists say that society has become less secular.

These statistics are some of many which prove that religion has dissolved and soon will no longer exist. Sociologist Wilson says that secularists is the cause of reduction in stigma and the idea of a marriage which is lifelong blessed by God whichever God this might be is invalid as people do not participate in religious activity and do not believe anymore.

U to this decrease divorce rates have changed as churches do not complain too much about divorce as they are scared to loose most of their community. The ideal love story is what everyone wants.

The belief of marriage is solely based on loved. Functionalist sociologist Ronald agrees and says that the rising expectation of marriage has pushed divorce rates.

They input that love and personal commitment are the cornerstones of marriage. The rising expectation of marriage has led to divorces as people continue to seek for the perfect one who may or may not exist.

In the past marriage was set by parents and in some cultures marriage is still arranged however arranged marriages now decrease as people now seek personal fulfillment and love dominates marriage.

Adenine regards western style marriages based on romantic love as fragile because they are only held together by emotional ties. This change in expectations has pushed the divorce rates since upwards. Finally the Position of women in society and the revolutionaries of their role has had a major impact on the divorce rates.

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This increase shows Just how far women have come ,however is their independence the reason for the boom and increase in the divorce rates. In and before this era women were not independent they depended on their husbands financially and therefore If they wanted a divorce they could not afford and would be homeless however now women can work and have rights to work also the introduction of welfare benefits for women who get divorced has therefore led women to substitute their husbands for the state.

Earlier Household backs up this argument with his research from where he states that love and value from work can create problems at home.

Feminists also say that as women have become breadwinnershousewives and taken on emotional burdenthey undertake something which is called the triple burden. By undertaking this women feel stressed and overwhelmed and thereby will resort to a divorce.

Wendy Sigil also says that working mothers have a higher divorce rate than household mothers. Overall all analysis and data shows that position of women changing has created conflict and aroused the divorce rate to increase. In conclusion Divorce rates are escalating due to changes in the law and the freedom or people to go and get a divorceby the change of attitudes and less shame of getting a divorcesecularists and the reduction of faith in a Godby the expectation of a romantic novel as a pose to life and finally the change and revolution of where women were and where they are now.

Reasons for the change in divorce

All these reasons have elaborated the divorce rates however we can see that each reason pushed one to another. And there are many other reasons however these are the key reasons and most popular reasons which can be identified in society today.DIFFERING life goals from their husbands, infidelity and constant arguing are the top three reasons women seek divorce, according to an international survey.

Examine the reasons for changes in divorce rate since Since the ’s divorce rate began to increase dramatically but the biggest rise in divorce rate was in when it doubled and was , Richards asks that: "If God treated human frailty so graciously in the age of the Law and permitted not only divorce but also subsequent remarriage, how can we, in this age of grace, treat divorce and remarriage so legalistically"?

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