Operation desert storm essay

Iraq invades Kuwait, Aug.

Operation desert storm essay

View the computer-based instruction CBIcomplete the lesson readings, and watch the instructional videos prior to starting the C Exam.

Your answers to the questions must be typed and double-spaced throughout, and must use Times New Roman pitch font and one-inch margins. Write your answers as complete sentences, not as bulletized comments. Operation desert storm essay is 1 reading. Read these documents thoroughly, and then answer the exam questions, which begin on page three of this document.

Operation Desert Shield would serve as a defensive force to defend Saudi Arabia and to buy time for follow on heavy forces to arrive into country. Operation Desert Storm is a clear example of the use of operational art that guides joint operations today.

Modern warfare demands a joint approach JP Put your answers in the spaces provided underneath the respective question. Strategic Theater level of war [ points possible] Questions in this part of the exam are about events that occurred during Operation Desert Shield but are focused on the Theater Strategic level.

A campaign is a series of related major operations aimed at accomplishing strategic and operational objectives within a given time and space JP pages II Your answers on this portion of the exam will focus on the Theater Strategic issues of Operational Art.

Operation desert storm essay

It encompasses physical areas and factors of the air, land, maritime, and space domains and the information environment which includes cyberspace.

Included within these areas are the adversary, friendly, and neutral actors that are relevant to a specific joint operation. Using the portion of the reading focused on Operation Desert Shield, describe the operational environment in the Operation desert storm essay of Be sure to describe the conditions that led up to the United States and its Coalition partners deploying forces to Saudi Arabia for Operation Desert Shield.

Your answer should be no more than words. Theater Strategic Level objectives [10 points] What were the U. Your answer should be approximately words. It also describes areas in which it is not acceptable to accept such lower or intermediate conditions.

Decisive Points [10 points] A decisive point is a geographic place, specific key event, critical factor, or function that, when acted upon, allows commanders to gain a marked advantage over an adversary or contribute materially to achieving success JP List by type geographic place, specific key event, critical factor, or function THREE decisive points not objectives you identify as important to achieve the Theater Strategic Level objectives during Operation Desert Shield.

Justify why, based on the definition, they are decisive points. Culmination [20 points] A culmination point is the point at which a force no longer has the capability to continue its form of operations, offense or defense JP Understanding the concept of culmination is critical to success in operational warfare.

It helps operational planners determine those factors or events that could cause either an attacker or defender to fail to achieve its operational objectives increasing the risk of its eventual defeat. List and briefly explain two possible events which might induce Coalition culmination during Operation Desert Shield without being defeated.

Your answer should explain the event and show how this event will cause culmination without attrition by numbers defeat.

From 1990 till 2010

Do not exceed one typed page. The joint operation plan review criterion for assessing whether the contemplated course of action is proportional, worth the cost, consistent with the law of war, and is militarily and politically supportable. Some that voluntarily served as human shields did so in the belief they were protecting innocent human life.

Saddam Hussein argued that the use of human shields was justified as they volunteered. Was Iraq justified using human shields, voluntarily or not, to protect key military installations during the conflict?

As part of your answer, you must address any legal issues and or ethical issues under Jus in Bello. Operational level of war [ points possible] Questions in this part of the exam are about events that occurred during Operation Desert Storm and are focused on the Operational Level of war.

Operation desert storm essay

Your answers on this portion of the exam will focus on the Operational Level issues of Operational Art. Your answer should be NMT words. Through maneuver, the JFC can concentrate forces at decisive points to achieve surprise, psychological effects, and physical momentum.

Maneuver also may enable or exploit the effects of massed or precision fires. Although reach may be constrained or limited by the geography in and around the OA, it may be extended through forward positioning of capabilities and resources, increasing the range and effectiveness of weapon systems, leveraging HNS and contract support system, external, theater and maximizing the throughput efficiency of the distribution architecture.

The concept of operational reach is inextricably tied to the concept of LOOs. Center of Gravity 20 points. Centers of Gravity COG are linked to objectives that achieve the military end state. COGs can be derived from an ends, ways, and means analysis and have associated critical factors—critical capabilities, critical requirements, and critical vulnerabilities.The Department of State orchestrated the diplomacy for this grand coalition’s effective air campaign in January , which was followed by “Operation Desert Storm,” a hour land war, which expelled Iraqi forces from Kuwait.

The Persian Gulf War The war in the Persian Gulf was a war of religious favor, cruel leadership, and greed. Desert Storm or more commonly known ass The Golf War was the same type of war that had accrued in this area for many years except for one fact/5(1).

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Operation Desert Storm definition: the codename for the US-led UN operation to liberate Kuwait from Iraq () | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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