Music in daily life essay

However, there is so much more to art than what you see displayed in galleries.

Music in daily life essay

Student Answers rimmery Student For me, music is a way to relax. I play a lot of different instruments so I sometimes try to learn the songs I like on them, as a hobby and to keep playing that instrument instead of going for certificates or w.

And it is also a recreational activity. It is a supplement. It has different roles in my life. It helps me feel positive about my work because music enlightens my mood.

It makes me feel thankful for the opportunity in life to be able to study and listen to beautiful noise at the same time.

Music can be annoying. When I exercise, music is like a supplement. While some people take protein shakes and other things, I take music because I can always listen to EDM or other upbeat songs and it helps me keep going when I work out. It is recreational because sometimes I just enjoy looking for new artists and new songs and when I have free time, this is what I do.

For me, certain songs can transform me to all kinds of places from my past. A song that was playing in the background when I was told that my friend had committed suicide will always have a negative affect on me. A song that song that my best friend and I used to sing together for karaoke will always make me think of her and remind of the nervous but exciting feeling of singing in public.

A song that my aunt used to sing as she was getting ready for the day will always remind me of the smell of her perfume. Triggering sensory memories is one of the most interesting aspects of music, and one of my favorites because it acts as a sort of time capsule. This is important to me because I treasure my memories, both good and bad.

I am a person who stresses over thing or thinks to much about one specific thing.

Music in daily life essay

Music helps me relieve the stress and relaxes me. When I listen to music, I tend to not worry about other things on my mind. Music has helped to create certain emotions whether happy, calm, sad, angry, scared, etc. It allows me to safely explore different emotions. Music has enhanced and enriched my creativity.

I am a better writer now due to music. It helps to spur my creativity and find new topics to write about. Music makes most things I do better. Imagine a big action scene in a movie with explosions and fighting and no intense music in the background? It keeps me focused and in the moment.

Not that great for me. Music makes time go by faster. I listen to music when I am working out, cleaning, driving, etc. Music helps me to concentrate. I study while listening to music because it helps to make studying a little more enjoyable.

By having that small extra enjoyment I am able to study longer and more frequently. It allows me to express myself and it lightens my mood and it allows me to focus. Also since most of the times I am unable to use words to fully tell a story, I feel like I can use music.

I also listen to hindi music which allows me to go back and learn some more of my language. Wiggin42 Student Music brings joy to my life. · Chemistry is a big part of your everyday life. You find chemistry in daily life in the foods you eat, the air you breathe, cleaning chemicals, your emotions and literally every object you can see or touch.

Music in daily life essay

Here's a look at 10 examples of everyday chemistry. Some common chemistry may be obvious, but others might surprise  · My life essay is a subject that shows the positive and negative aspects of my life. Topics in English Topics in english to learn and fluent pronunciation and writing and facilitate conversation between you and others, whether in school, work or daily life the time of music class and music is my favorite hobby, so I train daily with the The importance of art in our daily lives is very similar to that of music.

Just like art, music can make life extremely joyful and can have a huge effect on our mood. In the workplace in particular, music is something that can help people set the mood for what they are about to Music essay has more and alloys play daily news, adapted from government and easy due to understand life.

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Mr. Apr 12, he might that is one must labors inherited only in our working. · To sum up, it is obvious that music plays an essential part in our daily life.

People can listen to music and choose what the types of music to suit their preference. However, traditional music must be preserved and brought into play (kept alive) to build one's country (as a country progresses)

The Importance of Music in Our Daily Lives