Hot rods

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Hot rods

Etymology[ edit ] There are various theories about the origin of the term "hot rod".

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The common theme is that "hot" related to "hotting up" a car, which means modifying it for greater performance. One theory is that "rod" means roadster[2] a lightweight 2-door car which was often used as the basis Hot rods early hot rods. Another theory is that "rod" refers to camshaft[3] a part of the engine which was often upgraded in order to increase power output.

In the early days, a car modified for increased performance was called a "gow job". This term morphed into the hot rod in the early to middle s. For example, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment in its vehicle emissions regulations, refers to a hot rod as any motorized vehicle that has a replacement engine differing from the factory original.

This gained popularity after World War IIparticularly in California, because many returning soldiers had received technical training. Engine swaps often involved fitting the Ford flathead V8 engine known as the "flatty" into a different car, for example the common practice[ citation needed ] in the s of installing the "60 horse" version into a Jeep chassis.

Wheels and tires were changed for improved traction and handling. Hot rods built before commonly used '35 Ford wire-spoke wheels. As some hot rodders also raced on the street, a need arose for an organization to promote safety, and to provide venues for safe racing.

The National Hot Rod Association was founded into take drag racing off the streets and into controlled environments. Many hot rods would upgrade the brakes from mechanical to hydraulic "juice" and headlights from bulb to sealed-beam.

Hot rods

Instead, engine builders had to modify the smaller engines such as using non-standard crankshafts and pistons to obtain larger displacement.

While current production V8s tended to be the most frequent candidates, this also applied to others. June Learn how and when to remove this template message There is a contemporary movement of traditional hot rod builders, car clubs and artists who have returned to the roots of hot rodding as a lifestyle.

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This includes a new breed of traditional hot rod builders, artists, and styles, as well as classic style car clubs. Events like GreaseOrama feature traditional hot rods and the greaser lifestyle.

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June Learn how and when to remove this template message Author Tom Wolfe was one of the first to recognize the importance of hot rodding in popular culture and brought it to mainstream attention in his book The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby.

Particularly during the early s, a genre of "hot rod music" rose to mainstream popularity. Hot rod music was largely a product of a number of surf music groups running out of ideas for new surfing songs and simultaneously shifting their lyrical focus toward hot rods.

Hot rod music would prove to be the second phase in a progression known as the California Soundwhich would mature into more complex topics as the decade passed.Hot Rods, Hot Rods For Sale. Hot rods are a staple of American classic cars. FossilCars brings together hot rod buyers and sellers with vehicles for sale every day.

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The American Graffiti 32 Coupe Hot Rod Find this Pin and more on Cool Movie Cars by Carta2. Afternoon Drive: Hot Rods & Rat Rods Photos) A hot rod is a specific type of automobile that has been modified to produce more power for racing straight ahead.

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Hot rods
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