Exegitical on exodus

We usually picture the first tablet as containing the first four commandments or five, depending on the numbering system.

Exegitical on exodus

It is a beautiful picture of the soul redeemed from the bondage of [sin] into the glorious liberty of the children of Exegitical on exodus. God is revealed to us as the Deliverer and Leader of His people, a God near at hand, dwelling among them, concerned with the affairs of their daily life.

His commission to Moses opens with the glorious vision of the Angel of Jehovah note appearing in the Burning Bush. A common little thorn bush of the dessert, ablaze with God!

What a picture of the Incarnation. God manifesting Himself in a visible tangible form 1John 1: Where do we find that Name again?

With many of the types we feel that we may not have interpreted them rightly, but with some we can have no doubt, for God has told us the meaning. It is so in this case, and in most of the types of Exodus. It was a slain lamb-- not a living one-- that availed the Israelites in the hour of judgment.

I determined not to know anything among you save Jesus Christ, and Him crucified. The lamb was to be without blemish.

Its blood was to be shed and applied to the door-posts. No bone of it was to be broken.

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In every home that night there was one dead, either the first-born or the lamb in stead of the first-born. The wages of sin is death. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Exegitical on exodus

The Israelites were to reckon their life as a nation from the day of the Passover. Ye must be born again.

Exegitical on exodus

We were in bondage But God sent forth His Son All the first born-- those who had been redeemed by the blood of the lamb-- were to be sanctified ie. Ye are not your own: He will pass over and preserve it. Not by passing over it in the sense of passing by it, but by fluttering over it, spreading her wings in protection.

Thus, Jehovah Himself preserved His people on that awful night when the Destroyer was abroad in the land of Egypt.Overview.

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