Disc platinum rule behavioral style assessment essay

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Disc platinum rule behavioral style assessment essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? DISC Platinum Rule Personality Assessment A good listener, a great companion, trustworthy, and the facility to finish what one started — these are the adjectives used to describe people who characterize the personality of the Steadiness Style.

These words describe the strengths of the Steadiness Styles, and depict what characteristics help them in order to accomplish their life goals. If we talk about social interaction and relationships, the Steadiness Styles lead all the other personality styles.

Although they may not appear to be the life of the party like the Interactive Styles, the Steadiness Styles draw attention from people just the same because they are good listeners. In addition, when they talk with other people, they always make sure that they express support and are able to understand the situation and emotions of the people they are in contact with.

Their image of dependability and trustworthiness draw other people to open their hearts to the Steadiness Styles.

In some instances, the Steadiness Styles appear to be passive and round about, allowing other individuals to see them as obedient and yielding. This kind of attitude allows them to draw other people who are willing to also listen to them and be trustworthy like the Steadiness Styles.

In short, their goodness when it comes to listening and being trustworthy comes back to them as expressed by the people with the same attitude who will also listen to and support them willingly. The purpose of the Steadiness Styles in their daily living activities is to soothe them and find comfort in stability.

As the name of the style expresses, steadiness is what they seek. They find solace in a well-adjusted life, and because of this, they tend to take life easy by going about it as leisurely as possible. The Steadiness Styles are careful enough not to do things or make decisions that would disrupt the stability of their life.

They take life one step at a time by thinking and rethinking their lives, decisions, actions over time and again.

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When it is time to make a decision, the Steadiness Styles depend on other people to help them make the right choices. This is brought about by their need to interact with people and gain their appreciation.

The Steadiness Styles ask for opinions from other people and they think about all the options that are available before finally choosing one absolute path to take. When it is time to act out the decision, they still need to ask the impression of other people about the decision that she is about to make.

In this attribute of the Steadiness Style, we can observe that they are overly dependent on other people, and they are constantly searching for social interaction, relationships, and involvement from other individuals.

The assessment amusingly expressed that if we look at the work space of an individual who is a Steadiness Style, we would often see pictures of them with other people which greatly shows how they are attached to everyone they have encountered in their lives.

Furthermore, this attachment to other people is manifested by their avoidance of disagreements. For the Steadiness Styles, they are most likely to live within a situation or an environment which is unpleasant to them, rather than be in a conflict with other people.

Disc platinum rule behavioral style assessment essay

As a result, the Steadiness Styles tend to say the things that other people want to hear or would agree with than express a genuine remark which they know would cause trouble between them and the people surrounding them.

These desirable characters all in all will get them jobs that are appropriate to their attitudes such as a financial advisor, an insurance agent, a counselor, a teacher or a social worker, doctor or nurse, personal assistance, a customer service representatives, and the likes as cited in the DISC Platinum Assessment report.

Another aspect described by the report includes how the Steadiness Styles act in the work place. For these styles, they display desirable work characteristics and ethics because they courteous by showing respect to their superiors and colleagues, approachable, and responsible.

We should remember that the Steadiness Styles are people-oriented; therefore, they are also good team players. They share tasks when asked to work with a team making them a valuable employee and colleague.Bowes and Church's Food Values of Portions Commonly Used, Text and CD-ROM Package, Jean A.

Pennington, Judith S. Spungen As You Like It (the New Hudson Shakespeare), William Shakespeare Sndwich Gigante, Lynn George The Ultimate US National Parks Collection. My Predominant Behavioral style. Essay by psag, College each primary style also contains four sub-styles (Alessandra, )After taking the DISC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment, I discovered that my primal behavioral style was the interactive style, and my sub-style was the Id or how this assessment calls it à  à  the 5/5(1).

Essay Disc Platinum Rule Assessment DISC Platinum Rule Assessment “The ultimate goal of the Platinum Rule is personal chemistry and productive relationships” (Alessandra). The University of Phoenix creates learning teams in each online classroom setting.

Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin DISC Platinum Rule Personality Assessment A good listener, a great companion, trustworthy, and the facility to finish what one started – these are the adjectives used to describe people who characterize the personality of the Steadiness Style.

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