Comparing vivienne westwood and alexander mcqueen

Hospitality Management Seminar Alexander McQueen and Chanel are popular brands that are ranked at the top level among leading fashion designing companies. In actuality, both companies have proved to be quite successful in their business.

Comparing vivienne westwood and alexander mcqueen

Therefore, a shift towards sustainable materials to lessen the environmental cost of plastic use seems to be a primary agenda for many global companies and retailers. This will be seen more and more throughout retail stores alike.

This supports a shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle of valuing fewer, higher quality products with a higher pricing but lower total resource use thus creating a new kind of brand identity for retailers.

Ethical fashion retailer Antidote places its sole focus on sustainability by making it a part of its brand identity, promoting the ideal that shopping ethically is not an obligation but rather, a way of life.

VMSD This theme in brand identity can be seen within both the retail design as well as the products on display in the store, which have all been ethically sourced. The Miami flagship store designed by Atelier de Yavorsky is marked by minimalism, featuring a soft yet sophisticated pastel colour palette.

VMSD The simple retail design allows more attention on what is truly important, the products and their story.

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They are the first opportunity to show the customer your brand story. They also serve as an attention getter, grabbing the customer in and drawing them into the store to see more, experience the brand story for themselves, and purchase products.

A good window display will feature key elements that answer the following three questions from the perspective of the passerby: In the ever growing digital age, the main competitor of window displays are smartphones.

It can be challenging for a window display to grasp the attention of a potential customer who is walking by paying close attention to their digital device. It is for this reason that window display design has shifted towards the integration of LED screens and audio sound.

Apart from showing loyal and potential customers your brand story, LED screens also provide the opportunity to communicate how a product works.

Shop the VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Womens range from our Bags department for a wide range of VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Womens | Available to buy online from The Alexander McQueen brand is back on the runways of London, the birthplace and hometown beloved of its late designer. For the first time in more than a decade, the label, now headed by designer. Kingdom by Alexander McQueen is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for benjaminpohle.comm was launched in The nose behind this fragrance is Jacques notes are orange, mandarin orange, mint, neroli, bergamot and lemon; middle notes are carnation, ginger, rhubarb, jasmine, celery seeds and rose; base notes are amber, musk and oakmoss.

Beside the LED screen is the countdown clock for the race. The marketing within the store was also meant to excite customers about an upcoming race in Beijing. The neighboring window display design featured dynamic LED mini screens in which arrows moved from left to right in a fluid motion drawing attention to the featured trainers.

Dynamic ceiling-to-floor LED screens are another way to draw attention to the retail store and its products.


This Gucci store in Milan uses a ceiling-to-floor LED column that features a video of models wearing their clothes.

The columns are used in the window display design as well as the main entrance to create a dynamic and immersive experience for customers.

Comparing vivienne westwood and alexander mcqueen

This Saint Laurent store located in Shanghai uses dynamic ceiling-to-floor lighting behind their products to highlight and draw attention to their latest coat selection in their window display design.

This eye-catching window display design for GAP features mannequins in a dynamic box framed lighting to draw attention to the products being displayed within the box. Kiosks are placed nearby the window display that can capture a picture of the customer and allow them to mix and match different products on a virtual mannequin of themselves.

This window display design for the Ralph Lauren flagship store in New York, featured an LED screen in which customers could mix and match different tie patterns on a shirt color of their choosing. Once they found the tie they wanted, they were sent a link on their mobile device which allowed them to purchase the product immediately.

The use of LED screens helps to show a customer a glimpse of the brand story, as well as, products in motion. Moving images and video have shown to increase the retention of the individual and peak their interest.

Comparing vivienne westwood and alexander mcqueen

Dynamic lighting is another way to draw the eye to the featured objects in a window display, and also add to the brand story of the retail store.

Creating an interactive aspect in the window display allow the individual to interact and learn about products before entering into the store making them more likely to actually purchase a product. Overall, the advancement of window display design has led to more creative ways of achieving customer interaction.

Hosting a variety of British companies across multiple sectors looking to grow and create a stronger presence in the Chinese retail market, the event was organized by Media 10 Limited and took place October The Future is Green: 3 Sustainability Trends Retailers Should Know About October 30, Sustainability in retail and as a general principle has gathered momentum in recent years, as a shift towards a more environmentally friendly, ethically conscious way of living has become more deeply embedded in public consciousness.

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Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Kingdom by Alexander McQueen is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for benjaminpohle.comm was launched in The nose behind this fragrance is Jacques notes are orange, mandarin orange, mint, neroli, bergamot and lemon; middle notes are carnation, ginger, rhubarb, jasmine, celery seeds and rose; base notes are amber, musk and oakmoss.

Andrew Wilson’s new biography, Alexander McQueen: Blood Beneath the Skin (Simon & Schuster), written with the co-operation of the McQueen family, reveals that he was raped as a child by his brother-in-law.

The trauma haunted several of his early collections, which featured models smeared with blood, or criss-crossed with tyre prints. Westwood's politics may be apocalyptic but her clothes are pure fun, and her makeup artists, hair stylists and accessories gurus add a warm, playful touch, including a number of burgundy porkpie hats.

The most common winners of this award are Vivienne Westwood (, ), John Galliano (, , ), Alexander McQueen (, , , ) and Hussein Chalayan (, ).

However there is evidence of some of these designers finding inspiration from clothing that has already been designed, made and worn.

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